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Marlin 39A Lever Action 22 rimfire Carbine


Marlin Firearms Co.
MODEL: 39A Lever Action Carbine
CALIBER/GA: 22 rimfire (22 Short Rifle, 22 Long Rifle)
SERIAL#: L44xx
DESCRIPTION: Improved version of the Model 39. This version of the 39A features 20" tapered round barrel, straight-grip walnut stock and slimmed-down forearm. MicroGroove barrel. Serial number prefix dates this as a post-war 39A variation (1954-1956). Original buttplate with white line.
Has full-length magazine tube and modern removable inner magazine tube, solid top frame and side ejection, Rocky Mountain rear and gold bead hooded front sight. Similar to the Mountie model but not stamped as such. Those typically featured the traditional teel-capped forearm with a sling loop, but this cap is smooth. The varnished walnut stock has had a sling loop removed and a two-tone plug installed (to match the white line buttplate).