Beyond our typical walnut stock blanks we offer a variety of those colorful and more unique laminates you've seen at the range or a gun show. We've partnered with Cousineau Wood Products to access small orders of these amazing options, thus providing direct access for you to order some really striking wood products while still getting the custom craftsmanship you have grown to expect from us at Bullberry.

As always we will continue to offer "standards" in laminate for the great prices of our Standard Grade Woodwork. You can select from Charcoal Silver-tone, Nutmeg Brown, Green Mountain Camo, and now Royal Jacaranda as "standards".

If you are interested in different laminate color schemes than our standards please see some common selections below or visit our supplier Cousineau Wood Products directly for a comprehensive view of what is available for your custom grip or stockset. After deciding what color you've chosen you can just let us know your preference and order details. We will order the appropriate blank for your needs. If you prefer to order directly from Cousineau, you are welcome to do so. Customer-supplied wood has always been priced as Utility Grade, and laminate is no exception, so the choice is yours.

Cousineau also offer custom color layups to better suit individual tastes. These are available at the same High Grade cost as the Special Order laminates shown below. If you are interested in more details on how to create your own custom layup please contact us.

The images on this page by no means represent all the color schemes available, but are merely a taste of what has become available to you. We will be photographing additional finished samples and customer items made from these great products as they are produced.

"Standard" Laminate Color Layups

These four color options are the most common in the firearms industry, so we do our best to keep panels of these options in stock for custom break action and bolt action woodwork.

Special Order Laminate Color Layups

As mentioned above, these are only a portion of the vast options available from Cousineau Wood Products of what we have been asked to make thus far.

Laminate Woodwork for Bolt Actions

Please visit our Bolt Action Woodwork page to learn more about the custom options we offer for bolt action pistols and rifles. The blank costs listed below are base prices before shaping/inletting, glass bedding, etc.

If you are looking to purchase a blank only, without having us customize your pistol or rifle please contact Cousineau Wood Products.

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