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Suggested Links

About.com Hunting and Shooting Site

All Predator Calls

Barnes Bullets

Berger Bullets


Burris Optics

Choate Machine and Tool

Cousineau Wood Products -- Bullberry's source for all laminates


Douglas Barrels, Inc.

Eezox™ Premium Gun Care

Evolution Gun Works

Federal Ammunition

Graybeard Outdoors

Gun Pages Central

Handgun Hunters Association of Southern Africa

Hodgdon Powder

Hornady Ammunition

Hunting in Texas



Leadhead's Bullets

Leupold Optics

Los Angeles Silhouette Club

MOA Annual Long Range Handgun Match

New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd. -- Source for high quality Express-style multi-leafed sights


Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

Optics Planet

Pac-Nor Barreling


Roll Hot Outdoors -- Source for bowhunters who are dedicated to the hunt more than the rack. The page happens to be run by one of our Encore customers.

Savage Arms

Shotgun Red

Sierra Bullets

Southern Utah Shooting Sports Park

Thompson/Center Arms

Thompson/Center Association -- Collector's group and publishers of One Good Shot magazine.

Varmint Al's Eclectic Web Pages -- Al has a wide range of pages to rifle through, but we particularly like the small caliber testing and variety of hunting pages

The Varmint Hunter® Magazine

Western Shooting Journal

The Wilson Arms Co.

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