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When building a custom pistol or rifle, we always recommend full glass bedding to achieve the most stable forearm. This process also free-floats the barrel for increased performance, as with our hanger system on T/C barrels. Glass or pillar bedding the action creates an extremely solid pairing for extra consistency.

Check out our Custom Woodwork page for more details on stock options and services.

Complete Custom Bolt Action Pistols and Rifles

We generally find that a customer has an idea of what he or she wants in a custom firearm. Sometimes it is a long held dream of something special; therefore we will build to your specifications of action and caliber with minimal suggestion. We can make most all of them into very respectable shooters. Please also know that while bolt actions are the standard in long guns, we do also rebarrel select falling block actions (Martini is our favorite, and we do not work on Ruger #1s). Please call with your falling block action's particulars to verify availability of work.

Bolt Action Rifle suggestions:

Sako® actions, while not as readily available as in the past, are still an excellent choice even though the newer models are a little more bulky than earlier ones. Fred’s favorite personal firearm is an early Vixen with a full stock on a 20" 6mm TCU barrel. I've used an exhibition grade blank of Bastogne Walnut of unusually light color in a European-style "humpback" butt section. (Shown in the photographs on this page.)

Other actions that adapt well to custom rifles are the Remington® model 721 and 722. These are almost foolproof to turn into a highly accurate rifle with bench-rest capability. Like the XP-100 pistol action, the bolt to receiver tolerance is minimal and many trigger options are available.

Another choice for a custom rifle is the Winchester® Classic. We strip these to the receiver and start over. What you get is a "pre-64" style gun at a fraction of the cost of an early one. The Pre-64 had been the most sought after bolt action in history by custom gun makers. Now, after more than 30 years, thanks to Winchester, it's back and as good as ever, so this should not be overlooked.

One of our most highly recommended actions for custom building your dream rifle is the little CZ-USA Model 527. Small like the old Sako AI rifles, this is a really fine piece of craftsmanship. It is available in both a Hornet bolt face, and 223 Remington bolt face. See the July 2000 issue of Varmint Hunter magazine as they have one of our custom rifles in this model, chambered in the very accurate 17 Hornet. The CZ-USA 550 is a larger version of their 527 and is also a great choice.

Occassionally available from us as bare bolt-actions is the modern Savage, Target model, based off of the old 110 standby. This gives you a custom firearm from the start and no extra cost from purchasing a full rifle only to break it down for just the action. The new Savages are available only in Stainless and in limited bolt faces (.223 or .308 sizes), but do offer a few port and eject options and all come with the highly rated AccuTrigger standard (allowing user-set pull down to 1 1/2 pounds), though availability is not consistent. If you think one of these actions will suit your custom rifle project please call us to confirm availability.

We have reamers in most of the standards (to reasonal dimension and pressures) and most popular wildcats. Pricing of a custom rifle (when customer furnishes the action) will start at about $1000 and go to $5000, depending on the stock chosen to accompany the barrel work and optional details like checkering and engraving, jewelling, etc. Your choice on stock work can range from tactical synthetic to custom picked, hand-shaped wood.

Bolt Action Pistol suggestions:

Fred's XP-100 Rear GripCustom pistols are most often done on Sako actions, stripped Remington XP-100s, and the newer CZ-USA (BRNO action). The Sako, always in a rear grip design, can be made up as a repeater or a single shot. Triggers can be modified to be very respectable. Caliber selection is almost endless. The Remington XP-100 action, inherently accurate, lends itself to either a center or a rear grip. With a huge variety of trigger options, we also can modify a small bolt face (221 Remington Fireball) to a large one adapting a Sako-style extractor in a bushed bolt face. Another specialty on the XP is a XP-100 mid-grip with bipodmodification for an external bolt release.

Complete custom pistols on a customer's action will typically range in price from $900 to $3500 (again, depending most on the stock choice).



Bolt Action Barrels

Bolt Action Rifle Stocks

Bolt Action Pistol Stocks


Optional Costs

Our bolt action customers look to us for a wide variety of services. Some people want to only supply their action for a complete build while other individuals may want to supply a pre-inletted stock blank or barrel blank along with their action. Options are nearly limitless, so while some of the optional costs are listed below we still recommend you give us a call (435.635.9866) or email us to discuss your unique project.

Glass/Pillar Bedding

This process is highly recommended and will typically be rolled into the cost of a complete custom bolt action project. The reason this is so highly recommended is due to the consistency and stress-free nature of the finished product. Glass bedding the stock actually makes the action tight in the stock, while we simultaneous create a consistent gap between the barrel and forearm. This gap allows for the wood to shrink and swell, but more importantly allows the barrel to heat and expand while being shot; all without external stresses impacting your bullet's intended trajectory. The pillar portion of the job has us install aluminum posts in the wood body, specifically where the screws attach the stock to the action. This allows for the screws to be tightened as appropriate, and retightened as needed with any disassembly, all without crushing the stock and altering the fit.

in a custom stock we are making
in a pre-inletted stock (as in Richards MicroFit) from $200


Trigger Adjustment

You may choose to replace your factory trigger or not. As with our T/C trigger adjustments we ask that you sign a request for the specific pull you want. Every frame is different, so we have begun utilizes a price scale determined by the time and work spent to perfect the feel and function on each trigger.

Trigger Adjustment (existing factory trigger) $50 - $100
Timney Trigger assembly (blued trigger) and trigger adjustment $130 + fee
Timney Trigger assembly (nickel trigger) and trigger adjustment $140 + fee


Shaping and finishing pre-inletted stocks

If you have a well-made 99% (that's a lie, by the way) drop-in stock from a reputable stock maker, such as Richards MicroFit, we can do the finish work to have it be a show piece and properly fit your needs. This does, however, always take a tremendous amount of hand and machine work to fine tune the action fit pre-glass bedding. As such, we will price each of these requests by the stock received. As mentioned, these are never fully completed internally. This is due to the limitations of duplicators in general. The exteriors of these duplicator-shaped stocks also typically require a lot of sanding, if not full re-contouring in areas to suit the customer's needs. If you have questions about a stock you have purchased pre-inletted you are welcome to send us photos by email as well, before spending money on shipping. Multiple images of the interior and exterior can assist us in quoting the shaping/finishing costs.

Fitting pre-inletted stocks and sanding to Bullberry semi-finished level from $150
Fitting pre-inletted stocks, including reshaping of forearm, grip, cheekpiece, comb, etc. and sanding to Bullberry semi-finished level from $200
Finish sanding from semi-finished level and finishing in Satin Production from $125
Finish sanding from semi-finished level and finishing in Epoxy (gloss or satin) from $250
Sling studs (standard threaded/nutted pair) installed $20
Uncle Mike's Quick Detach studs installed $65



Bolt body - with bluing as appropriate from $75
Bolt action follower/carrier $50
Sako bolt shown left






Muzzlebrakes and Threading

Bullberry integral brakes are available on almost any pistol or rifle barrel, no matter the make. See our Muzzlebrakes page for more information and photographs. Call us with your project's specifics to check on availability. At this time we are not offering our threading services on barrels that we do not turn to finished dimension; this decision is to maintain our high standards of precision and accuracy.


Engraving & Checkering

We offer a huge variety of standards and custom engraving, and are just breaking into hand-checkering. Please check out our page on Engraving & Checkering for photograph samples of some of what we have done so far. This gallery will be added to periodically, but please don't hesitate to contact us regarding a custom engraving idea you have.

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