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Custom Bolt Action Pistol Stocks

As with our Bolt Action Rifle Stocks we make these stocks fully custom and to each individual's specifications.

We have stocked a high number of bolt pistols made on Sako®, Interarms®, Remington® XP-100, and some specialized bench-rest actions when rebarreling such setups. The XP-100 is probably to most popular although they are becoming more scarce and costly as their availability shrinks. The Remington XP-100 lends itself to either a center or rear-grip stock.

All our woodwork is produced by hand, not by duplicator. This is another way we can ensure the custom fit to each shooter. Due to this customization we typically will not re-stock a bolt action (pistol or rifle) when not rebarreling simultaneously. These jobs dedicate one woodsmith on a mill and with hand work over at least a week, so attention to detail is simply part of our process.

The forearm section is scaled to match the desired barrel profile, be it light, medium, heavy sporter, or target weight. The choices are endless so you can create a perfect and pleasing firearm.

A custom firearm is a life-long investment and heirloom. You should get the features you desire as well as perfect individual fit. Our finished firearms are also finished INSIDE. Firearms not prepared this way have the justified reputation of taking on moisture and changing stock dimensions. Warping and pressure result in accuracy problems. With our inside/outside finish, and our Woodsmith foam-fiberglass-epoxy forearm section, we produce 100% weatherproof rifles in wood, not synthetic.

Please call to speak with Fred about options and pricing of custom pistol stocks in conjunction with rebarreling work.

Optional Costs

Our bolt action customers look to us for a wide variety of services. Some people want to only supply their action for a complete build while other individuals may want to supply a pre-inletted stock blank or barrel blank along with their action. Options are nearly limitless, so while some of the optional costs are listed below we still recommend you give us a call (435.635.9866) or email us to discuss your unique project.

Glass/Pillar Bedding

This process is highly recommended and will typically be rolled into the cost of a complete custom bolt action project. The reason this is so highly recommended is due to the consistency and stress-free nature of the finished product. Glass bedding the stock actually makes the action tight in the stock, while we simultaneous create a consistent gap between the barrel and forearm. This gap allows for the wood to shrink and swell, but more importantly allows the barrel to heat and expand while being shot; all without external stresses impacting your bullet's intended trajectory. The pillar portion of the job has us install aluminum posts in the wood body, specifically where the screws attach the stock to the action. This allows for the screws to be tightened as appropriate, and retightened as needed with any disassembly, all without crushing the stock and altering the fit.

in a custom stock we are making
in a pre-inletted stock (as in Richards MicroFit) from $200

Shaping and finishing pre-inletted stocks

If you have a well-made 99% (that's a lie, by the way) drop-in stock from a reputable stock maker, such as Richards MicroFit, we can do the finish work to have it be a show piece and properly fit your needs. This does, however, always take a tremendous amount of hand and machine work to fine tune the action fit pre-glass bedding. As such, we will price each of these requests by the stock received. As mentioned, these are never fully completed internally. This is due to the limitations of duplicators in general. The exteriors of these duplicator-shaped stocks also typically require a lot of sanding, if not full re-contouring in areas to suit the customer's needs. If you have questions about a stock you have purchased pre-inletted you are welcome to send us photos by email as well, before spending money on shipping. Multiple images of the interior and exterior can assist us in quoting the shaping/finishing costs.

Fitting pre-inletted stocks and sanding to Bullberry semi-finished level from $150
Fitting pre-inletted stocks, including reshaping of forearm, grip, cheekpiece, comb, etc. and sanding to Bullberry semi-finished level from $200
Finish sanding from semi-finished level and finishing in Satin Production from $125
Finish sanding from semi-finished level and finishing in Epoxy (gloss or satin) from $250
Sling studs (standard threaded/nutted pair) installed $20
Uncle Mike's Quick Detach studs installed $65


Engraving & Checkering

We offer a huge variety of standards and custom engraving, and are just breaking into hand-checkering. Please check out our page on Engraving & Checkering for photograph samples of some of what we have done so far. This gallery will be added to periodically, but please don't hesitate to contact us regarding a custom engraving idea you have.

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